Podcast: Drug Addiction and Recovery

Empathy is the most important thing in the world today and also, unfortunately, the hardest to come by. It is the only antidote to the shame and fear and struggles that we all experience. This is the human experience. The political stage in the world today, especially in America, has made it almost impossible to hear someone’s story without being politically offensive or defensive. And when we really want to help causes around the world, we don’t even know where to start because it seems non-profit organizations are scamming people right and left and 3 day missions trips cost thousands of dollars.

Empathy Global is my mission to bring to light untold stories and to shine that light on organizations who are truly helping people worldwide. Most importantly, EG is here to tell you how you can be part of that change. That may be simply hearing someone’s story and being willing to accept their struggle even when it is uncomfortable or painful. It may be buying an extra pair of shoes each month for a child who doesn’t have any or filling a shoe box with helpful items for a woman’s shelter in Texas. Whatever your calling is to help, EG is here to open doors by sharing stories from around the world because at the end of the day we are all human and humans need each other.